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Terra Labyrinth is a side-scrolling action adventure where you must find items to make your way to the next area. It features three items, four areas, and a variety of different rooms that are randomized each time you play. One play-through should last 15-20 minutes.

Terra Labyrinth was made for Godot Wild Jam. It was developed in Godot 3.0.2. It follows the theme of evolution as you adapt to the labyrinth through new abilities. It was made in one week by fornclake and TheRetroDragon. We have many plans to expand upon this game.


Regular controls

  • Left and Right (arrow keys) to move
  • Z or V to jump
  • X to swing sword
  • Up to enter doors
  • Enter to leave menus

Ability controls

  • C to throw boomerang
  • Left or Right + Down + Z to slide
  • Left or Right while sliding down wall + Z to wall jump

Also has controller support. D-Pad/Analog Stick and face buttons.


  • You cannot pass an obstacle? Try going to a different area and coming back later.
  • Running out of health? Find a health upgrade or go through any door.
  • You have the slide ability but a gap is too wide to cross? Try jumping while you are sliding.
  • You found the item in Area 3 but you cannot find the exit? There is no exit in Area 3. Think back to the beginning of the game.
  • You found a teal emblem that does not seem to do anything? This is a damage upgrade that increases your damage from 1 to 1.5. Damage upgrades will stack.



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The game is interesting, and an overall enjoyable experience. I would like to mention that the platforming sections are a little irritating, due to the short distance some of the platforms are from eachother, where as you'd bonk your head trying to jump from one platform to the other. Also the hitboxes on the enemies were a bit overbearing. I couldn't get past a section because it required me to get on a platform a salamander was guarding. I kept getting hit by the salamander and knocked back into another enemy getting hurt twice, which brings me to my next point, Invincibility frames. There should be a brief, maybe 1 second long, moment of invincibility after getting hit to avoid problems of enemies continually knocking you into other enemies.

Anyways, great job to both of you guys, for a jam, this turned out great, and I'm glad to see you guys continuing the project!

Source code please? This is a nice game!


i noticed that its possible to play this game with a controller, could you post the control settings for that? also, is there a way to turn off in game audio? thanks for making this, haavent played much but it seems like it might fill my spelunky sized hole :)

Yes I'll add the controls to the description! I'll have audio sliders in a future version.

It may be able to fill that hole once it has a lot more content, but maybe this first little tech demo will scratch the itch :)


Hey Joseph! Great game but the controls are a pain for european players, since our Z key is where your Y key is. EU and US keyboards have X,C,V,B,N,M in common. Using one of those makes sure EU players have a nice experience too. Otherwise this looks great, okay-ish music and snappy character-movement. Mind explaining how you made the character-controls? Is it an FSM-based system? Greets.


Thank you! I can move the controls one key to the right to have X, C, V.

The character controls are made with a FSM, yea. The states are separated into sliding, swinging sword, getting hurt, dying, etc.